Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just an ordinary conversation though.

"Every single event in life is analyzable, if only you see it closer. And heck, I don't care if analyzable is not even a word!" - Sekar, 2011. - Yeah, it's me.

It was me and my boyfriend's bbm convo. It went like this, less or more:

* H (him), M (me)

H: What are you doin?
M: Streaming How I Met Your Mother.
H: Really love the series, don't you?
M: I do. I even want to use it as a corpus for my paper.
H: Waw. Ckckck.
M: What is it with "ckckck"? Is it something bad?
H: No, for me "ckckck" is a response for great things.
M: Well, for some people, it's not.

and it went blah blah blah, blah blah blah. No, we were not arguing; we were talking bout another topic. And it brought us here:

H: So really, you have to talk bout linguistic (for your paper)
M: "have to"? Nobody says that I have to do it, but I want to.
H: I support it.
M: But I didn't get your question. Is it not good or something?
H: Question? Which question?
M: I thought "so really, you have to talk bout linguistic" was a question. *ps. I was literally embarassed.
H: LOL. No, it's not.
M: I thought you forgot the question mark. Besides, people nowadays rarely put (proper) punctuations on their text *by text, I mean texting or instant messaging. Those stuff.

Now, here's how I analyze it. From the first convo, I didn't really got what my boyfriend wanted to say because the 'code' (that "ckckck") for me may mean something bad, while for him it's a good thing. Therefore, I gave him an unexpected response. Probably, he expected "thank you" or something like "yeah, it's great huh?" instead of "what is it with ckckck? is it something bad?".

And from the second convo, well there was a little misunderstanding because I thought he forgot to put the question mark, which was wrong because he actually wrote (or typed, whatever) a statement; not a question. And guess why I was being a bit defensive? Because, well, just put a question mark after his statement and imagine the tone. Well, it can be quite offensive right? It can be. But it can be something else too, depends on how you read it.

Just a little analysis towards an ordinary conversation.

ps. I've checked the dictionary and analyzable is totally a word. Nailed it! ;p