Monday, September 30, 2013

A random note. A totally random one.

*As seen on my tumblr. Yes, because random notes originally belong to tumblr and tumblr only.

Wise men say, we all should be more focus on and be grateful for what we have rather than what we don't have. I would say that that much is true, under the so called normal circumstances. Sometimes, at some point in our life, we are just not that "normal". Sometimes we feel so fed up and life is being too harsh, throwing not only a lemon but TONS of it; upsized. And maybe those tons of giant lemon are thrown right into our eyes so we can't see what we have anymore. That's true, sometimes we are just so fcuked up that we are actually in that kind of situation.

Maybe we need to change our mind a bit. Maybe this sound a bit evil-ish, but try to see others' problems. Everybody, as long as they're human (and alive) got their own problem, right? Maybe we should start to compare how their life could be a lot messier than ours and be grateful because we are NOT in their situation (and people say comparing is not good huh?)

I know, it sounds so mean (I don't suggest you to do it out loud anyway), but hey... that may heal our eyes (remember the giant lemons I told you earlier) and start seeing what we have and focus on that and be grateful for that. Probably we all just should start shouting to one and another "Whoa your problem is way BIGGER than mine!" (what did I say?)

And being compared isn't too bad either. I mean, it could be one nice thing we can do for others. It's just like saying to them "So you think your life's a mess? Come here, take a look at mine!" and start blabbering about our problems that they don't have. And make them say "Ah, it feels great that I'm not you". Making others happy is happiness, right? But, don't we forget to get back on track (by track: listing out others' problems that we DON'T have) or else we'll get depressed later on.

Oh yes, reality is overrated, my friends. We are not living those ideal wisdom-and-great-quote kind of life. At least, not always...

Scrolling down my own Facebook page.

Yes, I've just done the pettiest thing someone could do. Or maybe not. I know, I've always said that blog and music are my two time machines. Apparently, there's one more: a Facebook page.

Okay, you may say "who's still on Facebook?" (I am, sometimes), but you have to admit that almost  everyone (except the hipsters -- which I still believe they actually had it once before it's too cool) have a Facebook page. Yes it's all about the status updates, the photo albums, the tagged updates, the tagged photos you don't approve because it's not your profile-picture-perfect kinda pic, the old friends, the new friends, the long lost friends, the always-there friends, the strangers that become friends, the strangers that remind strangers yet you still keep, and even the archnemesis whom you let straying around on your page because you secretly want their updates PLUS you want to brag a bit about your life to them... HA! (not that I'm doing that lol).

Now, with those people and posts and photos and videos (and everything in between) gathered in one media, perfectly sorted by dates, plus an easy way to access it (as you can jump from one year to another through the so called 'timeline'), what can you get? Yes, dear friends, a TIME-MACHINE. WOO-HOO!

See, try it sometimes. Just sometimes. See how much things have changed. See how much YOU have changed. Those past relationships that make you think how fool you were, those friends you used to keep in touch with, those wise words you put on your status updates that make you wonder how you were so wise back then (yes it happens) and stuff... See, recall, and learn. Isn't it amazing how you can realize that time grows and learn life lessons through Facebook? (doesn't come out right but yeah you know what I mean)

And the best part is that you can always delete some unnecessary posts, yet it won't affect your present. (Or maybe, a bit)

The time traveler,